The Fiddle Tune Video Archive is Rex McGee’s personal project of recording high quality versions of traditional American and European folk fiddle music. These aren’t intended to be be instructional videos. They are useful for learning as each is performed in 3 speeds and feature a close up, over the shoulder view of the left hand fingers. They contain no dialogue, the objective being able to provide an efficient source for fiddlers building a traditional tune repertoire.

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Alphabetical links to videos below
Angeline the Baker
Arkansas Traveler
Back Up and Push
Banish Misfortune
Big Sandy River
Big John McNeil
Bile Dem Cabbages Down
Bill Cheatham
Billy in the Lowground
Blackthorn Stick
Boys of Bluehill
Breaking up Christmas
The Butterfly
Castle Jig
Cliffs of Moher
Connaughtman’s Rambles
Cooley’s Reel
Devil’s Dream
Drunken Landlady
East Tennessee Blues
Eighth of January
Father O’Flynn’s
Fisher’s Hornpipe
Flowers of Edinburgh
Forked Deer
Galway Hornpipe
Glasgow Reel
Harvest Home
Irish Washerwoman
Julia Delaney
June Apple
Kesh Jig
The Kid on the Mountain
La Grande Chaine
Lady of the Lake
Leather Britches
The Lilting Banshee
Lost Indian
Maggie Brown’s Favorite
Maid Behind the Bar
Mason’s Apron
Merry Blacksmith
Mississippi Sawyer
Monaghan Jig
Morrison’s Jig
Old Joe Clark
Pays de Haut
Peacock Rag
Red Haired Boy
Reuben’s Train
Richmond Cotillion
Rights of Man
Road to Lisdoonvarna
Rolling in the Ryegrass
Sailor’s Hornpipe
Sally Goodin
Si Bheag Si Mhor
Silver Spire
Ships Are Sailing
Soldier’s Joy
St. Anne’s Reel
Star of Munster
Susannah Gal
Swallowtail Jig
Tar Road to Sligo
Temperance Reel
Tobin’s Favorite
Turkey in the Straw
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Wildwood Flower
Woodchopper’s Reel